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This page was created to offer my instructor and my classmates a place where they may post or find information about the class of "Petroleum Engineering Computer Applications" - PETE 480, as well as the files for the homework assignments, solutions, related information, etc.


Since the main goal of this page is to have easy access to files and other stuff without having to go to the Computer Lab every time; I will really appreciate your help in any way and at the same time to visit some of the other websites I'm building.



Homework #1 - [ Original File ]  [ Fortran Code ]  [ Perm.dat ]  [ My homework Excel ]

Homework #2


Note: To download the files to your computer, you just have to click with the right button of your mouse and select "Save target as" .



NEWS!!!   NEWS!!!   NEWS!!!!

I'm really glad this our last semester brothers and sisters... let's make that last effort and do our best. (Posted by R. Orellana).


I will ask Dr. Guo if I can place the Fortran Compiler on this site either to be downloaded or run from the web. Just make sure to check in the future and every week for updates and new files. (Posted by R. Orellana)


Note: If you have something that you want the rest to know. Just e-mail me and I'll post your add here.



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