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This page was created to offer my instructor and my classmates a place where they may post or find information about the class of "Petroleum Engineering Computer Applications" - PETE 480, as well as the files for the homework assignments, solutions, related information, etc.


The main objective of this website is to make our lives easier so that we don't have to go to the computer lab every time. Help is more than welcome. Questions/Comments just e-mail me.


NEWS!!!   NEWS!!!   NEWS!!!!

I'm really glad this our last semester brothers and sisters... let's make that last effort and do our best. (Posted by R. Orellana - 1/29/03 ).






Homework #1 - [ Cover sheet ]  [ Fortran Code ]  [ Data File ]  [ My homework Excel ]

Due 01-29-2003

Homework #2 - [ Cover sheet ]  [ Fortran Code ]  [ Executable program (.exe) ] [ Data File ]

Due 01/31/2003

Homework #3 - [ Cover sheet ]  [ Fortran Code ]  [ Executable program (.exe) ]

Due 02/05/2003

Homework #4 - [ Cover sheet ]  [ Fortran Code ]

Due 02/10/2003

Note: To download the files to your computer, you just have to click with the right button of your mouse and select "Save target as" or just click on the links above. Remember that the the codes and data files are in the .TXT format. Therefore, you need to give it the proper extension whenever you use them (.for and .dat respectively)




SSPE Website: I know I haven't updated it yet, but try to visit it sometimes..


Fortran Expressions: This is a good place to find most of the common expressions used in Fortran either if you are good at, learning or just trying to remember.


Online Fortran Guide: Probably one of the most comprehensive Fortran 77 guides on the web.


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