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Laugh with us! is a section created by student members of this Student Chapter, which main purpose is to entertain our visitors and rest of the members by publishing cartoons with real/fake events of everyday situations. Most of the content is made with cartoons involving our current members in funny situations, but at the same time giving a message that can be applied to your college life. Enjoy it...Check our first two victims and news!

This week in cartoons and news!

Sometimes, we think there are better things to do that going to a boring class. Like this guy here!

Moral of the story: Do not skip classes!

M.Q. answering a question in the Petrophysics class for the first time! Unfortunately, his answer was  wrong! =(

Moral of the story: Participate in class!


We heard that there is a student member, who without knowing karate or any martial arts, can break chairs just by sitting on them...

We heard that there is a student member who actually tested with his hands how hot is a piece of metal at more than 1000 oF. Don't even ask what happened with his fingers?



All students' pictures used to create the cartoons are published after getting written consent from the student.

Did you like this section? Would like us to keep it running for the Fall Semester and change it every week? Would you like to help us? Send us your feedback at:












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